Miloo Fertility Test Kit

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Miloo Fertility Test Kit includes:
  1. OVULATION PREDICTOR TESTS - 50 Individualy Sealed LH Test Strips
  2. PREGNANCY TESTS - 20 Individualy Sealed HCG Test Strips
  3. Step by Step Instructions Card

· Over 99% accurate
· Results as quick as one minute
· Pregnancy detectable 1 day before expected period
· FDA Approved

PLAN AND CONTROL: Take charge of your reproductive system and make use of the information your body can give you. The Miloo kit contains 50 individually wrapped ovulation test strips that will allow you to know when you are ovulating, even if your menstrual cycle isn't regular. There are also 20 individually wrapped pregnancy test strips that will inform you of whether you're pregnant at the soonest possible moment.
PREDICTIVE POWER: Our strips are laboratory tested and FDA approved to detect LH and HCG hormones that are ovulation and pregnancy markers respectively. Our studies show that each strip can detect hormone spikes in urine with high precision, giving you a prediction accuracy of over 99% with the HCG tests having a sensitivity of 25miu.
EASY TO USE: Completely uncomplicated to use, each strip will detect the right hormone simply by dipping it in a cup of urine for 5 seconds. Reading the results requires but a glance. One line indicates a negative result for ovulation or pregnancy. Two lines means that ovulation is imminent or that you are pregnant.
RAPID RESULTS: It will take no time for you to receive the information you need. It only takes less than 5 minutes, or sometimes as soon as 1 minute, for the results to form on the strip. It only takes one look and you can confidently know whether you are ovulating or are pregnant.


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