When Is The Right Time To Get Pregnant After Periods?

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Pregnancy is a blessing to every couple. Many couples face certain problems with conceiving due to multiple reasons like eating the wrong diet, being overweight, not following the exact cycle of ovulation and ignoring their minor health issues.

These little problems, if not looked into at the earliest, can cause a major concern of conceiving in couples. According to renowned gynaecologists, it is important for the woman as well as the man to get a physical examination done before even trying to get pregnant, as this helps to solve a number of problems related to pregnancy, even before you plan to have a family.

Now, many women often ask the question, 'when is the right time for me to get pregnant after periods'? If you are one of those women who often have this question in mind, you might want to keep reading further.

This article knowledges you on when to conceive after your periods. It also advises you on what needs to be done if you're trying to get pregnant right after your period date. So, take a look at what you need to do to start a family life:

If your periods last for 5 to 7 days, and you have intercourse right after that, you are approaching your fertility window. If you stop bleeding on Day 6 of your period, it is necessary to have an intercourse on Day 7.

You can also try again on Day 11, as that is the time you will begin the ovulation process. According to experts, it is noted that the sperm from Day 6 will be waiting in your fallopian tubes for conception.

In general, a woman's fertile window is the day of ovulation (usually 12 to 16 days before the menstrual period begins) and the five days preceding it. For an average woman that occurs somewhere between Days 10 and 17.

To get pregnant right after your periods, it is also necessary for a woman to maintain a good hygiene. It is during this time of the month where the woman can get an infection if an unprotected intercourse is performed, so it is best to finish the cycle completely if you're wanting to start a family.

On the other hand, it is said that it is more likely that a sperm will have a lifespan of about 2 to 3 days, even less, if there is no fertile cervical fluid. Most pregnancies happen after sex within the five days before, or on the day of, ovulation. So, it is suggested that you wait for the ovulation period if you're wanting to get pregnant sooner.

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