What are Pregnancy Test Strips (HCG) and Ovulation Test Strips (LH) ?

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Pregnancy Test Strips (HCG) and Ovulation Test Strips (LH)

Pregnancy tests serve for determining pregnancy by detecting the hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the urine. The placenta produces this hormone right after the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine. There are two types of pregnancy tests – midstream tests and test strips. Midstream tests are done when you urinate over the test, while with pregnancy test strips, you need to fill a clean container with your urine and then put a test strip inside the container for a few seconds. The test is usually complete within a few minutes. All types of tests have a so-called ‘control band’ which points whether the pregnancy test works correctly. Test bands serve to show whether there is a positive or negative pregnancy test. (1)

Home pregnancy tests are usually very accurate. Accuracy goes over 99 percent, and if you follow the proper procedures you will maximize the accuracy of the test. A thing to have in mind is to always check out the expiration dates of the tests. Ovulation Predictor Kits and tests can help you in accurately predicting your fertile days in the month. They are very easy to use and can significantly increase the chances of you getting pregnant. Miloo Fertility Test Kit, as well as Miloo Pregnancy Test Kit, can give you the best possible results in this process. Both kits are FDA approved and the pregnancy is detectable a day before the expected date. The results can be seen within one minute. Discreet and free shipping is an added bonus.

LH or Luteinizing Hormone is what causes the ovulation when there is an elevated hormone quantity in the body. (2) During women`s menstrual cycle the levels of this hormone are low, but in the middle of the menstrual cycle, they quickly increase. The increase is known as LH surge and this surge happens before ovulation. The biggest chances for conception are 36 hours after the LH surge. LH Ovulation tests are designed for better detection of LH surge, which is the time when there is a big chance of you ovulating. If you have a positive LH test that means that you are in the period when you are most fertile. If the test band has a darker color than control band that means that there is an LH surge and that you are fertile.

If the test band has a lighter intensity in comparison with the control band, or if it cannot be seen at all, that points to negative LH levels and LH surge does not occur. Sometimes invalid results can also occur. Test results should be considered invalid and ignored if there is no control band after a period of ten minutes. This usually happens if there is not enough sample that is added to the ovulation test kit. It can also happen if you have not followed correct procedure during the test. In the case of an invalid result, you should repeat the test by using a new kit for testing.
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