What are breast milk alcohol test strips ?

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Breast milk is produced and given to a baby with one goal – to meet all the nutritional and caloric requirements. Breast milk is crucial for the proper development of babies, especially in the first few months. This makes breast milk the most important feed for a baby. What is interesting is that there is no substitution for this food. There are numerous benefits of breastfeeding your child. Several scientific studies have confirmed that breastfeeding improves child’s intelligence, protects the infant against disorders, diseases, and allergies and gives the baby all the required minerals, vitamins and nutrients.
Breastfeeding moms should know that mother’s milk is affected by their diet. That’s why many of them are trying to eat healthy during this period in case they didn’t follow a healthy diet before. This doesn’t mean that they have to maintain a perfect diet in order to help the child get the most from their milk. As a matter of fact, doctors say that it is perfectly fine for new mothers to drink a glass of wine from time to time or to drink some beer while watching TV. Caring for an infant doesn’t mean that you should stay away from all the things that made you happy before you gave birth to your beautiful child. On the contrary, if you give up on many things, you will feel stressed and your child will feel that. But, how can you be sure that you have not passed alcohol to your baby through milk?
Instead of guessing all the time, you can count on breast milk alcohol test strips. These specially designed strips show whether alcohol is present in mother’s milk or not. Before we go into details about this useful product, let’s mention that the liver spends about one hour to metabolize 1 oz of alcohol. Of course, people are different, but this is an average length of time. So, in case you’ve got the blood-alcohol level of about .015, all the traces of alcohol from the milk should be gone in ten hours. A few studies have shown that consumption of alcohol through mother’s milk can have serious consequences for the baby including reduced linear growth. If you want to avoid situations like this, use breast milk alcohol test strips.
These are actually home tests that can easily detect the presence and the level of alcohol in breast milk. So, thanks to these tests, breastfeeding moms can enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage and test the level of alcohol in their milk before breastfeeding. The best tests like the ones from Miloo are very precise and simple to use. The results are available after a short period of time, so you don’t have to worry about this (you don’t have to make plans before testing the milk). Breast milk alcohol test strips are here to make sure that mothers are not passing any alcohol to the infant.
Another reason why these strips were created in the first place is to prolong the life of breastfeeding. There is nothing better than a mom that is relaxed when feeding her baby and this is what you get when you pass the breast milk alcohol test. As mentioned before, these tests evaluate the exact level of alcohol in mother’s milk to guarantee that there won’t be any negative consequences on the baby. Many pediatricians are recommending these test strips because they are not associated with any side effects and the benefits are great.
Let’s not forget that every mother is not the same. As a matter of fact, they are all unique when it comes to processing alcohol. The work of the liver, their body weight, the food they have taken, the type of alcohol they have consumed (wine, beer or hard alcohol) is some of the things that can alter the level of alcohol.
If you are looking for reliable, high-quality tests, you can count on Miloo Alcohol Breast Milk Test Strips. One of the best things about these test strips is their accuracy and the fact that the mother won’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes to find out the results. All it takes is a few drops of mother’s milk on these strips and the mother can read the results after a couple of minutes. The color of the test strips will show you whether there is alcohol in the milk or not. Miloo Alcohol Breast Milk Test Strips are an inexpensive product that will keep your child safe and help you relax.